A complete range of ground support services 24/7

  • Jet A1 refueling via AIRBP (overwing and pressure dispenser). Credit card/ AIR BP card/Fuel release payment available
  • Parking and hangar spaces available for overnight stay
  • VIP lounge with bar, billard and Wifi
  • Sunny terrace on tarmac
  • Crew/snooze room with Wifi, computer and printer
  • Hotel and transportation arrangements
  • Catering arrangements + ice cubes, hot water and coffee available
  • De-icing (Type I), GPU (24V and 400Hz) and toilet service
  • Towing up to 32t
  • Courtesy cars
  • Aircraft cleaning and dishwashing

Available in the vicinity

  • Hotels 10 minutes from airport, with discounted rates for crews and PAX
  • Restaurants on airport and 5min outside airport
  • Karting track and B737 simulator on airport
  • Car rentals
  • Shopping center in the vicinity